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Britts Glitz Bolero Set - Youth Lg/Xl
  • Britts Glitz Bolero Set - Youth Lg/Xl

    SKU: 482

    Black, blue, pink, and silver bolero set from Britt's Glitz, approximately a Youth XL. This set comes with bolero, horsemanship top and Berryfit chaps. There's enough black in both pieces that it can go with black chaps. Willing to separate chaps - will not separate bolero/hms. Chaps are in used condition with some slight signs of wear, hms/bolero are in good condition missing a few small stones. 

    The base material of the hms top has lots of stretch, the bolero has been let out 1" on each side through the bust and has some stretch through this area. Waist can be let out an inch on each side, currently limited stretch. 



    Hms top 

    Bust 32/36"

    Waist 26/30"

    Hips 32/36"

    Arms 22" 

    Shoulders 14.5"
    Back Length 23"


    Bust 32/34"
    Waist 28/28.5"

    Length 13.5"


    Waist 26/29"

    Thigh 19" 

    Length of zipper 35" 

    Drop 3" for total of 38" 

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