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KGO/Tandy-Jo Vest Set, Womens Medium
  • KGO/Tandy-Jo Vest Set, Womens Medium

    SKU: 4008

    Elegant vest and day shirt set approximately a Women’s Medium. Comes with all pieces shown. The vest is a custom Tandy-Jo Black base vest with teal, charcoal gray, and silver. Day shirt is a Kevin Garcia teal based top with black, silver, and teal design. Pad is a backroad elite, oversized 34x42. This set is in good, very gently used condition showing minimal signs of wear. Vest can be let out about 2” per side. Willing to separate items. Please send me a message if interested in individual pieces.


    Vest - About 3” of stretch

    Bust 37/40”

    Waist 30/33”

    Hips 39/420

    Back Length from top of shoulder down 24”

    Shoulders 15.5”

    Day Shirt - About 3” of stretch

    Bust 36/39”

    Waist 29/32”

    Hips 36/39”

    Arms 24.75”

    Shoulders 15”

    Back Length 26.5”

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