Desert 🏜 Wind 🌵
Piccola Rosa jacket and 34x40 Golden West pad, approximately a women’s small. Black, white, chocolate, tans, golds, kelly green. Has really unique black and green fringe around the shoulders. This jacket is in very good condition and was worn only a few times. Fully lined on the inside. Limited stretch to the material, jacket does have weight to it, sides are black so has potential to be let out. Sleeves can be let down 2”, has stones there already. 

Bust 33/34”
Waist 28”
Arms 24”
Shoulders 16.5”
Back Length 24” front Length 24”
*should sit right on hips, this is a riding length jacket 
Shoulders 16.5”
Hips 32”

“Desert Wind” Piccola Rosa Jacket & GW Pad- Womens Small

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