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Stitch Envy Vest - Womens M/L
  • Stitch Envy Vest - Womens M/L

    Black, Green, and Silver vest by Stitch Envy Designs, approximately a Women's M/L. This item is in good condition and comes with button-down (Covington, Lg) shown. The base material has 2 to 3" of stretch. Could be let out 1" on each side if desired. Video of this item available, send me a message if interested.




    Bust 36/39"

    Waist 32/35"
    Hips 38/40"

    Back Length 22.75" from top of shoulder down 


    Bust 38"

    Waist 34"

    Hips 40"

    Arms 24"

    Shoulders 16"

    Back Length 27"