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Youth XL / Womens XS Full Set
  • Youth XL / Womens XS Full Set

    All-day outfit with back-zip top, ultrasuede chaps, and pants. The base material is a teal shade and is a great match tot he material on chaps and pants. The chaps and pants are in very good condition, there's a slight bit of wear on the shoulders and arms of the top, nothing seen from more than a couple of inches away. 



    Top - no stretch

    Bust 34" 

    Waist 28"

    Hips 34"

    Arms 23" with 2.5" to let down 

    Shoulders 15.5"

    Back Length 26" (no hms panel, unzips all the way) 


    Waist 27"

    Inseam 34" with 2.5" to let down 


    Waist 29/34" (should sit a little lower than natural waist)

    Thigh 22"

    Length of zipper 34.5"

    Drop 5" for total of 39.5"