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Tandy Jo Vest Set - Womens S/M
  • Tandy Jo Vest Set - Womens S/M

    SKU: 4001

    Black, purple, and gold vest set from Tandy Jo Show Apparel, approximately a Women's S/M. Comes with  vest, day shirt and Bling Boutique pad (34x41). Willing to separate if desired. All pieces are in good condition with minimal to no signs of wear. Vest has about 2" of stretch and the day shirt about 4".




    Bust 34/36"

    Waist 30/31"

    Hips 36/38"

    Back Length 23" from top of shoulder down

    1.5" to let out on each side if needed

    Day Shirt

    Bust 34/40"

    Waist 28/32"
    Hips 38/42"

    Arms 24"

    Shoulders 15"
    Back Length 27"

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